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XiaoMeiYao ZhuNi Teapot Pre-Order

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Teapots of different classic shapes in volumes between 110 and 200 ml entirely handmade with XiaoMeiYao ZhuNi certified clay by experienced craftsmen and masters, available for pre-order in limited numbers.

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In tea culture, Yixing teapots have always been an endpoint in enhancing the infusion of fine teas. One of the unique aspects of Yixing teapots is determined by the type of mineral from which they are made, the Zisha.

The term Zisha actually includes different types of clay from the different layers in the original deposits dating back over 300 million years.

Among the four main types of Zisha is the mineral Zhuni, from which a clay is obtained that, when fired at high temperature, produces vermilion-red ceramics that have always been sought after by tea enthusiasts. Zhuni is a rare clay that today is obtained from a few deposits that are still active, from which XiaoMeiYao ZhuNi is extracted. This clay is characterised by a high density and a deep vermilion colour, which combines extraordinary aesthetic qualities with the ability to make a rich and concentrated tea infusion while respecting the volatile components that are the most seductive part of fine teas.

This classically shaped Shui Ping teapot is entirely handmade by expert craftsmen and is available for pre-order in limited quantity. Production and shipping time is approximately 1 month.

Pre-orders are valid from April 21st upon availability.


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