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2019 “Golden Monkey Red ( Hong Cha)




Golden Monkey or Jīn hóu chá is a red tea (hong cha) from the Chinese provinces of Fujian and Yunnan. The one we present here comes from the Wuyi Mountains area in Nanping prefecture, Fujian. The peculiarity of this tea is that only the bud and the first leaf are harvested; the leaves are characterised by a pale golden down. Golden Monkey tea is the black counterpart to the white Silver Needle tea produced from Camellia Sinensis var. Sinensis or ‘small-leaf” trees. The flavour profile of Golden Monkey tea is characterised by light, honeyed notes and a total lack of astringency.

This fine tea is processed by hand every spring, carefully harvesting the small leaves and curved golden buds that remind of monkey claws. Its sweet and flavoursome scents make it one of the most popular and sought-after teas.

The nose has sweet hints of ripe apricot, honey and flowers. The liquid has a beautiful amber-red colour and is viscous on the palate, with a full, juicy body and notes of caramel, chocolate, malt, sweet potato, chestnut.

A perfect tea for the autumn season and to enjoy a truly relaxing moment.


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